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Copywriting: Why you shouldn’t ignore this #1 Skill for Digital Marketing.

Everybody Writes.

You have written during your school & college days. You still keep writing at work with presentations, proposals, emails, et al. You write to either educate, solve a problem or persuade to take up a cause or an idea.

You want the reader to come away delighted with your written words. However, within your words are the elements that form Copywriting.

So what is Copywriting ?

Simply put, the written words & visuals that appeal to the reader to take an action. As a marketer you are in the business of either creating brand awareness or communicating product promotions. You want the reader to take an action, which is to buy your product.

Here's why Copywriting should be the #1 Skill in your Digital Marketing’s arsenal

Relevance to Paid Search

Let’s face it, Search Engines will keep bumping up your ads when their “customers’’ actually click on your ad copy. But with no clicks to your displayed ads would also mean less relevancy to the searcher.

Your competitor could actually be taking away the attention of your customer with an appealing ad-copy. The Click is all that matters to the digital media moguls as well !

The Social Appeal

Advertising on the Social Media is here to stay until the next big thing replaces this medium of social interactions. With each Ad baying for your targeted prospect, what makes it relevant for them?

Without doubt a good copy that appeals to the senses first and the click that follows. The home run !

Knock, Knock. Let my Mail In

Your email marketing campaigns have to pass 4 hurdles before your reader will actually click to visit your site to possibly turn into a customer.

The Deliverability, Headline, the Body and finally the Call to Action, all matter before your cash register begins to ring. Each has an element of Copywriting that you cannot ignore.

Website — It ends, begins & ends there.

Finally the nerve-center, your website. The time spent on your website is one of the critical factors for conversions. The more relevant, entertaining and educative your site is for the readers, the likelihood of them returning for more or turning into a customer increases.

In reality, all the media that you use today from Print-Radio-TV-Digital, are communication channels to propagate your message. Some will exist, few will cease to be effective & new ones will emerge.

What will always remain a constant is effective copywriting.

This begs that you consider putting an effort to understanding the art of Copywriting. To get to a good copy takes time & practise.

You may choose to write your own copy or may hire a Copywriter, but as a Digital Marketer it is essential that you understand the elements of good copywriting before you even start propagating your business, digitally.

Until then, Stay Safe !

(Image Courtesy:Pixabay)

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