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All attractions are visual first. Period.

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Netizens, that’s you and me are consumers of content. Some are read voraciously & a few window shopped to see if it is worth our time.

Once hooked to the Headline or the Image that connects to your emotions, you expect that very content to be relevant, teach you a little wisdom and be entertained throughout the time you are with it.

But, how often was your mind compelled to close that page, when a badly formatted or an illegible font & size made the entire experience forgetful ? Presume, many a times.

This post from a non graphic designer, is on our first hand experience on the least thought given to a basic element of design, The Font. It started, when we focused to further emphasise on our presence, digitally – our website.

If Steve Jobs, during his formative years hadn’t attended Palladino’s classes in Calligraphy, would the world have experienced beautifully crafted products ?

Our first hand experience with fonts

While many of us aren’t trained as Graphic Designers or are professional Typographers, we however have that innate ability to appreciate beauty when we see or experience one.

So, when we set out to revamp our website early this year, our design partner said an emphatic “No” to our initial font selection.

Back on the drawing board & browsing through fonts I narrowed it to “Lato”, experimented with it and liked the way it stood out from some of the earlier fonts we were so used to. In hindsight, it seemed a good choice to go with.

Today, this font stands at Number 3. in the pole position (Wish I had known earlier that Google publishes this data as-well). A pat on our backs.

Take a look at the 1 year statistics of the top 5 viewed fonts. Fascinating insight.

Arial, Calibri, Helvetica those oft used fonts no longer seem to feature in this list.

So, the next time you are on a mission to create or revamp your website or an image that you post with captions, it would be nice to do a quick check to see the fonts favoured by the netizens.

Stick with it, till the world changes it’s visual taste.

The only place Avant Garde looks good is in the words Avant Garde. – Bruce Weber

I am quite curious to know on your favoured fonts or do you leave it on default mode ? My current favourite is Lato, for reasons I mentioned above

Until then, Stay Safe !

Cat Image courtesy: pixabay

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